This site is a showcase for student photography at Parkwood Heights Elementary School.

Last year, while I was a grade 1 teacher at Parkwood, I was fortunate to have been granted an Innovative Learning Fund for using photography in the classroom. Digital photography has been - and continues to be - integrated into the curriculum and used in a variety of ways to support learning. The project is entitled Focus on Learning. In addition, we teach photography each year as a part of the school-wide enrichment project at Parkwood. Different groups of children are able to use the cameras to explore and learn.

We cover the basics of camera use, such as how to handle a digital camera, how to use the menu, and how to make close-up and wide-angle shots. I also teach students about composition, angles, backgrounds, outdoor shots, and using the zoom. Students work with a digital camera and share their work on the SMARTBoard. At the end of the project, they go home with a portfolio of their work and a new confidence for having learned something beyond the regular curriculum.

It is a lesson in seeing, and appreciating the world around us. And each week, we learn with the children as they discover their world in a new light.

*Please note: All photographs are the property of Dawn Blanchard and the students at Parkwood Heights Elementary Schhol. They are not permitted to be copied or used in other formats.