*I use a portable digital studio to do this lesson, but you can improvise with a large box, painted white, black or other desired colour inside and use flashlights to control your lighting.

I have students bring in small, unusual objects from home. The more mysterious, the better, because it opens the results to discussions.

Ask students why lighting is important in photos. Talk about how shadows can add to or take away from the subject, and how we can control lighting in our photography. Look at some photos online to guess what kind of lighting was used and why.

Set up studio on a table and demonstrate how to place an object. Show how moving the lights affects the shadows around the object, and how we can change their positions or use the camera's flash to get the effect we desire. Allow 1 or 2 students at a time to experiment with the lighting.
Ask students what they thought went well or what they would do differently the next time.