Click on the links below for lessons that can be used in the classroom. Many can be adapted for different age levels. Please note that this page is a work-in-progress; therefore, some links may not yet contain text. Thank you for your patience while I work to add lessons.

Basic Camera Use

Introducing digital cameras in the classroom
Parts of the Camera
A Lesson in Seeing
Look Closely
Uploading Photos to a Computer
Mini Studio Photography
Zoom In
Using Tripods

Photography and Literacy

Photography Writing Prompts
Pictures from Home
Truth in Pictures
Response to Reading
Story Telling
Exploring Parallels between Writing and Photography
Reader Response: A Literature Circle Final Project (PowerPoint Slide Show)

Photography and Math

Introducing 100
Spacial Awareness

Photography and Our World

Getting to Know Our Community
Getting to Know Our School
Playing Safe
Making Healthy Choices
Taking Care of Our Environment

Photography and Art

Elements of Design
Rule of Thirds
Photographs and the Media
Paint a Picture
Creating a Portfolio
Breaking the Rules
Action Reaction
Portrait Photography

Other Lessons using Photography

School Routines and Rules

Lessons from the Web:

The Elements of Art Through Photography: Kodak
A Beginner's Guide to Digital Photography: Cody's Science Education Zone
Lesson Plans for the Arts and Media: Vocational Information Centre
12 Ways to Add Randomness to your Photos
YouthLearn Lessons (This is by far one of my favourites!)