Why teach digital photography in the regular classroom?

The benefits of teaching photography to children are numerous. Here are just some of the reasons to use cameras in the classroom:
  • Increases student focus.
  • Connects school subjects to real life.
  • It is a way for students to convey messages, and illustrate ideas.
  • Connections between photography and writing: Perspective, organization, voice, planning, ideas, details...
  • Connections between art and photography: Elements of design, visual literacy, creativity, perspective...
  • Connections between math and photography through composition: Fractions, symmetry/asymmetry, space, shape, line...
  • Helps students to notice and appreciate the world around them.
  • Teaches students to view images in a more critical way.
  • Enables project-based learning.
  • Communication between home and school.
  • Provides students with a tool to illustrate their understanding of concepts.
  • Can be used as a method to review previous lessons.
  • Increases student knowledge of technology.
  • Can be used for assessment.
  • It is fun!